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Let us talk about technology

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Hi everyone, I am Simon. I am 36 years old and have Cerebral Palsy and no speech. I have been using communication aids nearly all my life. I have had lots of experience in communicating with people with different communication systems. I also attend various communication aids training days through the year.

I am also have an interest in computers and how the Internet can enhance disabled people's lives and independence, thus giving them more opportunities to feel a part of society.


  • hobsonish
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    Hallo Simon. I couldn't agree more about the internet being a great way to enhance the communication options for those who have problems with speech.\

    my daughter often uses facebook instant messaging to communicate with her mother and I, even though we're only in different rooms in the same house. If she's on her computer, it's much quicker and easier than either getting out of her chair and using her AAC device.

    One thing that has consistently frustrated us as a family over the years is the inability to find a decent AAC device that has an SMS text option. We've almost, but not quite managed to get there. I know there are a couple of AAC devices that claim to have SIM card slots to avoid the (highly) troublesome pairing with a phone, and hopefully this will mean we'll be able to identify one and then my daughter will have the ability to easily send short text strings direct to people's phones even when she's not logged into facebook.

    So, to cut to the quick, have you any experience of using an AAC device that can actually send SMS texts? As opposed to claiming it can, but then not being able to do so because the phones have changed. Liberator Eco2 mentioning no devices by name ;)

    All the best,

  • simonsable
    simonsable Member Posts: 75 Connected
    Hi Ian, good to hear from you. I share your frustration about pairing mobile phones to devices. Does your daughter use a text based communication aid have you tried a Lightwriter? I think SIMM cards go in them. If you want to give me more information, I would be happy to do some research for you.