Is there a study/ site giving a good break-down of where in UK offers the best disabled services? — Scope | Disability forum

Is there a study/ site giving a good break-down of where in UK offers the best disabled services?


  • ukma
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    Is there a study or site that gives a good break-down of where in the UK offers the best services for the disabled? We are looking to purchase a house, with the intention of setting our daughter (19, with CP and MLD) up with a place she can live long term, with care from our son or local services. We both work for ourselves so are not really tied to an particular location, although we have always lived in the South. Ideally we want a house that is within walking distance of shops and local services (dr, dentist, etc) and with decent bus access. If nothing like this exists is there at least a list of areas that are generally considered ones to avoid? Authorities where services for the disabled are known to be limited? It is impossible to narrow down where is best to look without some sort of guidance!

    Any pointers, even personal opinion based on experience, would be helpful.
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    Hi umka,

    Thanks for posting your question.
    Your question is almost impossible to answer and I'm not aware that such a study or list exists (but I will look into this for you). Local authority budgets are changing almost continuously at the moment so it might not be a good idea to base your decision on the services offered alone because they could be liable to change. is a housing provider of accessible homes and neighbourhoods so it might be worth seeing what they have to offer and whether they know of any information about services in the areas they provide housing in. I know that you're looking to buy a property but I just wanted to share this with you.

    I'll see what else I can find for you and will post here if I do manage to find anything useful.

    Best wishes