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Would an education psychology report aid our appeal?

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    Hi Hannah wonder if you can help me to cut long story very short my son is 10 in year 6 so due to go to secondary school in September , although I've known things were not right for years it was only in January this year he was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia , his targets are very low at school and he has made no progress at all in last 2 years , most of his attainments are that of child half his age he also has behaviour problems. It was decided on advice from consultant at developmental centre that the school apply for ehpc so that from September he will then get all the support needed . he has also been disallowed from the SATs as they would be non gradeable.so we had many meetings and the ehpc was requested. I have just been advised by my local authority they will not be assessing bobby for this as they feel he is making sufficient progress , I am at a loss as to how they have come to this conclusion , I am now in process of arranging mediation and I will appeal if I need to. My question is would a education phycology report aid thus appeal , would it make a huge difference. I am sure the consultant asked the senco officer to do one but she did not and says the school do not have recourses to do one so if this really will be the icebreaker although we can not really afford a private one I will do it. Are you able to confirm what they cost and how do I arrange and do you think it will make an impact. Any advice or help would be appreciated.   Thank you 
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    Hello Gardina,
    An educational psychology report can be helpful in clearly identifying a child's strengths, difficulties and support they need. EP reports can be used as evidence at tribunals. An assessment and report costs £700-1000 and there are additional fees for attending tribunals as a witness. The website www.ipsea.org.uk has lots of useful information.