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Is it possible to get a supporting letter from somewhere?

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    Hi Hannah we have a little girl DOB 17-8-12 (summer born). We have applied to defer her school start from 2016 to 2017.  We decided to do this after reading Nick Gibb the educational ministers letter to schools allowing parents to do this.  Unfortunately the admissions authority in our area is refusing us on the grounds of no professional evidence ( although the 2014 admissions code states we don't need any).  This is how I have come across you.  Our little girl started nursery in September 2015 but experienced separation anxiety, which then progressed to her not being able to sleep worrying about having to go to school not eating and wetting the bed it was just awful for her.  I decided to de register because the school were saying if she did more sessions she would get better ( as parents we didn't agree) she simply wasn't ready.  I think what I'm asking you is, is it possible to get a supporting letter from somewhere ? The nursery teacher firstly gave me her full support but then had a change of heart when the head teacher said she had to write her report saying she would be school ready.  We have two other children a 12 and 7. Feb/sept born. 
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    Hello Karen, you could employ an independent educational psychologist to do an assessment and write a report but a. You would be looking to pay £500-1000 and b. No guaruntee that the conclusion would support your view. It's a frustrating and unclear area. Have you gone back to the admissions authority to challenge their response?