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Are the DWP sympathetic when you ask for more time to fill in forms?

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Hi I've had problems with my back for the past twenty years but after a car accident as a passenger and a fall in the back garden I am now registered as disabled, my mobility is slowly getting worse I have nerve damage in my legs which seem to like doing there own thing and am in constant pain. 
There's two ways to look at the situation a) give up and give in or b) push yourself even further, I push myself further which a lot of the time floors me but I've done something.
  I've recently contacted Dwp to say my situation has changed I received my form but I have problems now with my concentration and struggling to fill the form in, I am going to telephone and ask for another few days grace to get it filled in. Has anyone else had this problem and are the dwp sympathetic when you telephone them for this? Hope someone can advise me.


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    I had to ask for more time with forms in the past... ring them up as early as you are able.. they usually allow some time if you have circumstances which delay you..  Welfare Rights usually based in the Town hall / centre will have someonevto assist you..  But please dont delay and don't panic.. If you have a care worker ask them to assist you too.