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Clear glass and plastic roofing.

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Hi from Fm. Does anyone on here suffer from severe heat intolerance and are you sick and tired of finding increasing numbers of public buildings fitted with stupid clear roofing which when the sun shines right in in the warmer months and causes the place to heat up to excruciating temperature inside? It's about time that severe heat intolerance was properly and officially recognised as a disability and appropriate action taken like fitting of heat reflective coating on all such roofing and even the sides of some structures. After all it says in section 20 of the "equality" act that service providers are required to make "reasonable adjustments" to any physical feature which might put a disabled person at a significant disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person. Surely fitting heat reflective coating is a very reasonable adjustment, I certainly think so and it's about time it was compulsory. If you suffer from such problems don't suffer in silence, tell those responsible for such structures, this is a democracy and you have rights so use them and speak out. And if they won't listen which all too often they don't then take it further and write to your MP's  or perhaps even go on so-called "social" media and get them told that way. Fm.


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    Hi @Fundamentalist

    Your heat intolerance must make it really difficult in these situations.  I wonder if it is because of our usual British weather as when I have been to shopping centres in other countries, they usually have the A/C on so high that I find it very cold!
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