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Disabled child and 50/50 parenting.

rosscolfc Member Posts: 26 Courageous
Myself and my Ex have a disabled child, who recceives DLA and a Motability car. 
She gets all of his DLA, and refuses me use of his mobility car. 

I have him 7 nights a fornight just like her yet get no help and when I called DWP a few years ago they said it was a civil matter, even Motability were not bother and I even explained he's left without his car 50% of the time when his mother keeps it to use for herself.

Surely this isn't right? 


  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,622 Pioneering

    Hi rosscolfc,

    Unfortunately this does highlight a longstanding problem with the benefits system in that child benefit and disability living allowance for a child cannot be shared between parents. It can only be paid to one parent - even when they share care of the child. If your ex partner receives the benefits for your son then as far as the DWP and Motability are concerned then she is responsible for him and not you, as unfair as this seems.

    You might want to contact your local citizens advice bureau to see if there is any way you could persuade your ex partner to share the Motability car when you are looking after your son but I suspect that unless she agrees, your only way will be through the courts and you will need to get legal advice on this.

    Best wishes,


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  • rosscolfc
    rosscolfc Member Posts: 26 Courageous
    I've even raised it with my MP, know one cares. 


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