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Does explaining my written form at face-2-face form part of evidence?

rhodia Member Posts: 3 Listener

Fantastic I've got enhanced for both thanks to the guides from here.

I have recently read through my forms since getting the award letter and just want to ask.

There are some things that may not be clear i wrote:
"I need help and support making journeys from family or using a taxi'
My form continues with:
"I need to request disabled adjustments when using public transport and use disabled seating where available"

I recall at my face-to-face discussing this to make it clear by saying "when i have the choice I use the help of family, friends or taxi"  I also said "I use trains buses and planes at times"
I also went into more detail about other aspects of my life and the way my disability limits me or means i have to make choices.

I've not been given the notes from the face-to-face.  All it says in the award letter is " your health condition or disability causes you great difficulty moving around"  then lists evidence but from the face-to-face just mentions informal observations, description of a typical day and how I engaged with assessor.

I suppose my question really is as I have gave more detail and explained more at the face-to-face would that be ok?

What do they mean typical day?

Also I've now decided to learnto drive so I can get the mobility car and not rely on family all the time or wait on a taxi.  Again is that ok or do i have to inform of a change because me driving never crossed my mind.

I was hoping that it would improve the quality of my life but it seems am just worrying more now espically because the process is rather ugly and makes you feel like a criminal; I've had this condition all my life so never easy to see an outside view of ones self.

Thanks for your help and if you could help here that be great.




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