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poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,591 Disability Gamechanger
edited February 2021 in Coffee lounge
I have remained in contact with some friends i've made here since i left. One person being @woodbine who i've known for a few years from another forum. This kind hearted gentleman is such a lovely man, whom i have the upmost respect for. Last night he emailed me because he was so distraught and extremely upset by what had happened here on the community yesterday. He wanted me to see something he wanted to post here but didn't know if admin would let it through and he was correct, it hasn't been posted, which is extremely sad. A grown man being treated like a little child! I asked him if he wanted me to post it on his behalf and he said he would be very grateful if i could, so here it is.... just incase anyone is wondering, no i haven't returned, i'm here purely to support my dearest friend... John. Hugs to both you and Julie from me! <3

I'm not sure the moderators will sanction this as they have already refused to publish some of the help I have given tonight. But I wonder do they realise just how utterly degrading it is to go to the trouble of writing out a reply only to see that it won't be published until "somebody" approves it? It makes me feel like a three year old.

I'm told my moderation will last until they think I am a fit and proper person to partake in the usual way, that makes me feel sick to my stomach, this whole thing is making me feel ill. All at a time when I have the threat of being told I have cancer dangling over my head.

I'm also threatened with being told I am to be chucked off scope, something that for me like many others has been a lifeline to me over the past year, and yet they think its there's to take from me.
You might ask why? Well it's all because I dare from time to time call it as i see it, no mention of the hundreds of my post that have been flagged as "liked" or inspiring, that's all gone in the scope dustbin.

I hope who does hold this power over me has the bottle to "approve" this post and that the real powers that be read it and realise exactly what has been done to me here.

I hope I get the chance to be with you again, but if I don't then at least now you will know the reason, that being very simple some peoples mental welfare is thought to be more important to scope than mine.

good night



  • vikingqueen
    vikingqueen Member Posts: 699 Pioneering
        What a wonderful friend you are @poppy123456, it is such a shame that a few remarks have been taken out of context. @woodbine please don't despair too much you are a much appreciated member with a heart of gold. 
  • Cressida
    Cressida Member Posts: 976 Connected
    edited February 2021
    @poppy123456 @woodbine @chiarieds I just wanted to add my bit. Firstly it's lovely to see Poppy back even if it is only temporarily! Chiarieds great to see you too. I'm not sure who made the decision to 'moderate' Woodbine. It would have been bad enough at any time but to do this AFTER he has posted on this very forum that he has been given a 'rapid' hospital appointment in the following week. We are continually being told that Scope support people but they are doing the exact opposite in this case. I read another post earlier where Mike Hughes had posted and it really sounds like he is at the end of his tether. So Scope have managed to alienate Poppy, Woodbine, Chiarieds and Mike who are (in my humble opinion) 4 of the most knowledgeable disability gamechangers on this forum. (No disrespect to any of the other gamechangers meant). I have been on this forum for around 18 months and in that time these are 4 posters who until recently were always around to answer queries. Their knowledge is extensive. I'm sure there are a lot of people on this forum who would not have received the correct benefits without their help. If they disappear WHO is going to fill the gap. I have always been amazed at their patience when suffering abuse from posters who don't like the answers they give but to think they may be driven off the board by the behaviour of the moderators is unbelievable. 

  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Member Posts: 5,506 Disability Gamechanger
    I know people won't like me saying this but if any of us do anything wrong then we should be treated as everyone else 

    If some one was abusive to any of us then wouldn't we want something to be done  it works both ways 

    The only thing I can say is that an end date to the moderation should be given 

    No disrespect to people who have been here along time no one is perfect  and it doesn't mean that because someone has been here along time that they should be exempt from moderation 

    @woodbine this is not aimed at you this is in general  what I have learnt in life is that people are replacable other people will come along with the same knowledge  or better 

    There have been lots of polite notices for a few weeks and now action has been taken but if you go back over the threads  it's whst prople have asked for that action be taken  

     @woodbine hasn't been stopped from posting the posts just have to be checked first  I don't know how long that takes but it's a lesson to us all  
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 3,536 Disability Gamechanger
    @woodbine hopefully it will all be sorted out soon for you. Good luck next week at your appointment.
  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 3,029 Disability Gamechanger
    How do you know other members that you perceive as doing something wrong have not been dealt with privately by the Scope team? No one would know this as it’s not made public. 
  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Member Posts: 5,506 Disability Gamechanger
    @janer1967 I fully understand where your comring from  

    We are always being told not to reply to posts if they upset us get on our nerves and for whatever other reason  because then we come out with comments that are just as bad 

    People choose to leave they don't have to leave  as I have read on threads these people are welcome to  come back at anytime but if your friends it doesn't matter if they are on here or not it doesn't stop a friend ship  

    I am just haveing a discussion no disrespect to anyone and no malice 
  • leeCal
    leeCal Member Posts: 5,267 Disability Gamechanger
    edited February 2021
    I’ve read a lot of posts which I have had to ignore for the reasons outlined by @janer1967 and I’ve been hoping and trusting that they would be moderated in some way or other by the scope team. If I had interacted with the poster I would have been moderated myself so I’ve left it to the team. 

    Secondly, don’t we support the community by staying through thick and thin? Sometimes new posters are bound to appear who annoy or irritate us but the strength of the community is shown through Constance and perseverance  is it not. 

    Incidentally @cressida I became a disability Gamechanger by shear volume of posts and likes etc, not through merit, my input has and probably always will be negligible. I wish I knew more about the benefits system but unfortunately other than common sense suggestions I can’t really help in those matters. 

    “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

    ― Dalai Lama XIV
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,591 Disability Gamechanger
    janer1967 said:

    I am getting irritated and angered by some of the comments so will no longer contribute as I may say something I shouldn't taking advice to leave it there 

    Well said! i couldn't agree with you more. I didn't make this thread for some people to have a dig at others.
  • Cress
    Cress Member Posts: 1,012 Pioneering
    Also getting irritated and angry at some of the comments here.

    I can think of a couple of other members who should have been put under moderation for the God awful advice trotted out as fact and the permanently angry and rude about seemingly every organisation they have come into contact with.
    Would have made more sense to me.

    So sorry to read you're having to go through another health scare on top of all this @woodbine

    Take care pal.....
  • Cressida
    Cressida Member Posts: 976 Connected
    @leeCal I tried to make it clear in my post that no disrespect meant to other game changers. You all do a great job. 
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