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Hi, my name is clairec59!

clairec59 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I'm Claire. I have dual sensory loss. I live in London.


  • Cher_Inactive
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    Hi @clairec59 and a warm welcome to our community, it's fab to meet you!

    You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge, but I searched for 'dual sensory loss' as I wasn't familiar with it.  This NHS webpage says it is the combination of sight and hearing loss, is that right?  How do you find living with that?  I hope you have sufficient support.  

    If you have any particular questions you'd like to ask our community, then please fire away so we can help.  If not, be sure to make yourself at home - either by browsing our recent discussions or visiting our virtual coffee lounge, a cosy little spot where our members have a friendly natter.

    I hope Wednesday is treating you well.  Speak soon :)   
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  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 11,635 Disability Gamechanger
     Hi @clairec59 - Welcome to the community, & thank you for joining. How are you today? :)
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 13,353 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome from me too 
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 7,049

    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @clairec59 :) Thanks for joining, and for sharing a bit about yourself. It's great to have you with us.

    If you encounter any problems finding your way around the community, please just give us a shout!
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  • Caz_Alumni
    Caz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 624 Pioneering
    Just wanted to stop by, say hello, and add my welcome to the Online community @clairec59.

    It's really great to have you with us! I just thought that I'd ask whether you have you had a chance to have a look around the community yet? Remember, if you do need any help finding your way around, just let us know. We're very happy to help!

    Looking forward to chatting with you again. You have a good day :)
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