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Should there be a DWP representative at a tribunal?

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What a useful site! My son, who is 35, is autistic, has hearing and visual impairments, is dispraxic and had a stroke 3 years ago . We have just had a judgement in his favour from a Tribunal - 10 months after the initial assessment.
On the Tribunal panel, which is, obviously independent of the DWP, there was a judge, a doctor and a worker in the disability field. There were no members of the DWP in attendance. I am surprised that other commenters have said there was a DWP representative at their Tribunal. Can anyone clarify this, please? 


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    Hello @WirralWoman   Pleased to meet you  welcome. 

    Thank you for sharing and joining.  Good to hear you were successful in your sons  tribunal.

    Thank you for your question. I am unsure of any answer to your question.

    There are members of our community or members of our team. Who can advise.  Hopefully be in touch.

    We are a supportive, friendly community.  Please ask if we can advise on anything.

    Have a look at our information on Talk about Specific conditions may be of use to you.

    Hope that helps.

    Take care


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    Greats news! Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't a representative from DWP.
  • Yadnad
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    It depends on many factors, the claim itself or whether there is a DWP rep local.

  • WirralWoman
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    Thanks for the responses, folks! 


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