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DVLA are a joke at the moment

I made a DVLA thread months ago but it seems to of vanished with the new forum. I applied for my medical driving licence back in March 2021 after my doctor saying I could drive again.

I am still waiting its been 8 months with the last update over 2 months ago to say they have everything from the doctors and it "won't be long" I just feel so depressed over waiting for it, as its my only way to get out and get some independence.

I can see people are complaining all over twitter but noone is waiting since March for their license, the whole ordeal this year with PIP, work capability application and DVLA is really stressing me out. I can see why people drive without licenses at this point.

For people trying to get in touch with DVLA and can't you have to play like a phone competition to get through. You have to spam call till you hear the right message that will let you be put in the queue. If you get the generic too busy message you have to hang up and redial. Spam this for a few times and you get through.