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Still having do much trouble navigating this site with posting, and replying to people I need help.🙂


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    Hi @24712

    Welcome from me.
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    Hi @24712

    Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with using the community. Do you mind me asking what device you are using?

    A couple of notable pages to access are the categories page, which is found in the top navigation bar on a laptop, and the recent discussions page which sits just to the right of that. On a mobile, you should be able to press the menu button in the top left to open up these options. Follow below for quick links to the pages mentioned:
    If you want to create a new discussion, you can navigate to the 'New post' button on any page and follow the relevant steps, as you have done to make this post.

    When you find a discussion that you want to comment in, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the text box where you can enter your comment. Once you are ready to post it, press 'Post comment' to submit it to the thread.
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    Hi @24712 Welcome to the Community. If you want to answer a member who has posted a thread simply go to the box headed Leave a comment then click on Post comment a purple box under the leave the comment box. If you want to answer a member by name type @24712 like I have with your name. Does that help at all ? Take care.