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Hi all 
 Hoping someone can help me out here I just received a letter from the tribunal services asking for my medical records which I have said yes to has anyone else had this issue & they said they can't agree on a decision until they has them & they want to do a telephone call for approximately 75minutes as my tribunal has been postponed should say I'm on lcw at minute which I don't receive any extra for as on universal credit but when I was on jsa November 2018 was getting extra only changed because health got worse & was moving home at same time so had to change address so put me on universal credit in December 2018 now they are looking into me getting lcwra fingers crossed does anyone how far they can backdate too also please 


  • poppy123456
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    Yes sometime they will ask for medical records between 2 specific dates and you will need to send them what they've asked for. You can request medical records free from your GP.

    The reaosn they are doing a telephone hearing is because face to face ones are currently suspended due to Covid19.

    If you are awarded LCWRA then how much you'll be owed will totally depend on when your assessment dates are for Universal Credit and when you sent your first fit note because there's a 3 month waiting period before the LCWRA payments are added.

    Best thing you can do is once you've had the decision from the Tribunal if it's LCWRA then come back here and post the question and i'm sure someone will help you further.

    Good luck with the hearing.
  • KelMarie
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    Thank you poppy123456 they have asked for medical records from 1st January 2017 to date said all I had to do was agree for them to get them from GP themselves I first handed my sick note in when i was changed to uc back in nov/dec18 so why are they asking for before that date? 
  • poppy123456
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    They are obviously checking for something specific which they do sometimes.
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    Best of luck with your tribunal @KelMarie, let us know how you get on :) 

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    Just to let everyone know tribunal hasn't happen as yet but been given a date just over two weeks now & it a telephone tribunal have received a copy of my medical record the tribunal have also received as they sent them to me all together just under 300 pages of evidence now said have to have it in front of me when the call happens will let you all know more then I know myself 
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    I hope it goes okay @KelMarie. :)


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