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Positive Life Experiences

redchicken43 Community member Posts: 48 Pioneering
This is a fantastic website and it has a great deal of very useful information, but I would like to know of people's positive experiences with dealing with disability. Ive been fortunate to have always been in full time employment and have a great wife and 2 brilliant children and I have CP since birth. Seems mundane but this is more than I thought I would achieve when I was a child growing up.


  • dizzydingbat
    dizzydingbat Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hiya, when I was first diagnosed with CP, they said that I'd never be able to walk, talk or even think for myself but 20 years on and I'm a right chatterbox, I've got an awesome penguin walk and I'm able to live an independent life :)
  • LittleJ28
    LittleJ28 Community member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi ya, my parents were told when I was born that I wouldn't see my third birthday and if I did I would be extremely handi-capped (their words) but I now with the support of my wonderful family, I am here writing this in having achieved, GCSEs, A levels, in full time employment and have been for 4 years and having just got engaged.  I lead a 'normal life' and if you pass me on the street you wouldn't notice there was anything wrong, to be fair I never have, I'm not saying its not always been easy and I would say even more for my parents.  CP lives alongside me and always has, I realise how lucky I am and am grateful for everyday because things could have been so different.  I think it is important to realise having a disability is not a thing to be pitied, but if it happens you have to embrace it and make the most of the cards you have been dealt.  Your tend to hear about the negative but there is so much more positive, just look at dizzydingba and all the other people on this site thank you Jess :) xxxx

  • Yurei
    Yurei Community member Posts: 8 Listener

    I was diagnosed with CP when i was around 3 years old.  It was only spotted after I wasn't hitting the milestones that my brother and sister where (I'm a triplet)

    I'm now 25 (so hopefully have a lot to come yet) but as it stands I went to a mainstream schools with my brother and sister and each time my CP wasn't ever an issue.  My teachers adapted everything around my abilities and  it was never even mentioned with my friends.

    As it stands I have been in full time work for almost six years had a couple of serious girlfriends but am single, and I am surrounded by friends that accept my disability and constantly take the mic.  For example when my friend introduced me to his flatmates he went with  - "don't mind him he just ate soo much his legs thought sod this and gave up", or comes out with lines like "you may be disabled but that doesn't mean you can be lazy...." and to be fair that's how I like it.  

    If I am out of my chair but sat down (which is fairly regular) you wouldn't know anything was different about me I'm just thankful that my family have been able to keep me grounded and supported me as well as they did in my youth.  Because of their strength (and some of my own) my CP is a very small part of me. 

  • redchicken43
    redchicken43 Community member Posts: 48 Pioneering
    Great comments from everybody and keep them coming. We all have our ups and downs but the most important thing is for it not to let it define us. Are you that disabled person or just a person who happens to be disabled??? Disability comes in all shapes &  sizes and I know someone with a big nose who considers themselves much more disabled than me. That's the funny thing about life some peoples mountains can seen like molehills to others.
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