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Reasonable adjustments being removed at work.

mothas Member Posts: 1 Listener
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dear people I hope you can help.

i was diagnosed with an incurable haematological cancer 7 years ago and have had multiple lines of treatment including chemo and radiotherapy. This has left me tired with a weakened immune system and quite substantial damage to my bones in my shoulder and rib, causing persistent pain. However as I very much enjoyed my job as an academic I remained in work full time. My employers have been supportive until recently. Around 18 months ago I negotiated a change of duties with my Dean, to focus on research and administration due to the effects of my illness. This also benefits me from having less contact with students and being exposed less to infections. I can work at home much of the time too.

In recent months however there has been a faculty reorganisation and I am now being asked to contribute to teaching again even though the original circumstances that framed the agreement I had with the Dean have not changed (in fact they have intensified)

My question
Where do I stand legally and in regard my rights as a disabled person at work? My agreement with the Dean was never described as reasonable adjustments or put in writing as such although I have a document with a list of duties that the Dean agreed to. Does the fact that the University has for the past 18 months been happy for me to carry out my current role mean that this is an acceptance by them of their provision of reasonable adjustments. If so, can an employer legally subsequently row back on them?

many thanks



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