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Not person I once was

cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
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Hi is this for adults as well as kids or purl for children that suffer 
Only me .. cathie..


  • cathie
    cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
    Oh sorry went on to read  should have done this before asking question  ok domestic abuse left me almost dead and very disabled but 2oo4 so should be over any effects of it but I can be triggered without any  understanding of plus more  was really bad post traumatic  said it would  return but really hasn't  .very worried still read a situation always see the out come as bad ending   no matter once heated words begin I'm convinced  it's gonna be violence  is this normal I also have some form of rage in side me takes every part of my being to keep it locked in is this normal behaviour morbid thoughts to much to often am I mental ill  friends belive I'm  some thing I keep stating I'm not  but do question my self at times 
    Only me .. cathie..
  • [Deleted User]
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  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @cathie,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I'm so sorry to hear that you've experienced domestic abuse, I can't begin to imagine how difficult this is for you to deal with on a daily basis. Everybody has different experiences, but unfortunately it's very common for victims of these sort of crimes to experience mental health issues.

    Are you receiving any support for your mental health at the moment? Hopefully our mental health advisor will be able to assist you further too.
  • cathie
    cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
    No .. not one for talking about my feelings   or not being able to cope I plod along hoping it will get better I don't like any sign if weakness and if I said anything to g.p I'd only break down so I don't  had to go through some counciling  part of women's aid broke me rather not go through that .horrid ..didnt like it one tiny bit in floods of tears   not for me ...
    Only me .. cathie..
  • RebeccaMHadvisor
    RebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Hi @cathie

    I understand you are not one for talking and can hear that you didn’t feel that the counseling was good for. What happened to you was not your fault and talking about it, breaking down or asking for help is not weak. It is a sign of strength because it is so hard to do it. 

    Whilst you don’t feel that the counseling helped you, if you don’t get help to deal with what happened it appears that you won’t be able to move forward either. 

    I am wondering if you have considered other types of therapy such as hypnotherapy? 

  • Topkitten
    Topkitten Member Posts: 1,285 Pioneering
    I only suffered abuse from my second wife and I was healthy at the time fortunately. However, as I am a good listener, a few young ladies who are disabled have confided in me that they were abused both emotionally and physically. The most surprising part, for me, was that the abuse was carried out by disabled partners. I have realised since that quite a few disabled men never get past the anger stage of dealing with their problems. Why this should be I do not know but it does seem that it happens much more than it should, considering the help we are promised. I guess that the system just doesn't provide what it says it will leaving some in a bad state. It is so sad that some disabled are just as bad at abusing disabled as healthy people tend to be.

    Apologies if I have not phrased this well. Had a bad couple of days and it's a subject I don't really understand.

    "I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.
  • RebeccaMHadvisor
    RebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Thanks for this @Topkitten

    I think you make a good point about some men not getting past the anger stage. Although some women are the same, men find it harder to open up and to talk. They may not have friends to confide in and feel that they will be seen as weak if they open up. 

    I have worked with many male domestic abuse survivors and many don’t like the term domestic abuse as they perceive that is something that happens to women. 



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