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Some useful practical tips on how to talk to people in wheelchairs

here are some useful tips on how to talk to people in wheelchairs. For example, where to stand, when talking to the person in the chair, and where to stand when you are in big groups. I hope you all find it useful. x :)


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    Hello @ B1nkyb00 Thank you for the piece and the video.  I am grateful.  Sometimes it is hard for people to understand and how to react to wheelchair users.  I had a friend who was a wheelchair user and people were always saying about the way I was with her.  I would walk besides her and let her steer.  If she needed help she would ask.  I can identify with all of the points raised in the video.  Opening doors always did that.  I can be honest just treated her like any other person.  Regardless of the wheelchair.  I would if she wanted to talk find somewhere to sit so I am at eye contact.  One thing anybody who has any disability whether in a wheelchair or not likes to be treated as a person and a human being.  I am sure all of our community feels the same.  I recall one time went to a local disabled club and met several people who were wheelchair users.  I had a issue with the lady running the club who talked to everybody like they were ten years old.  I was offended by the way she spoke to the two members who were wheelchair users.  I ended up putting her straight on a few things.  I am honest and do speak my mind sometimes.  I glad I did so.  I did learn one or two things in the video I did not know.  Thank you
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