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Remote working advice

pinkbluefrog Member Posts: 8

Scope community team

Hello, I've just graduated and am currently volunteering for a couple of charities. I wanted to ask if you had any advice, specifically policy examples, about working remotely. The job I want / will be doing will be working remotely and I want to be able to present employers, who are open to the idea, of some policy examples of remote working. Really a 'how to make it work for both employer and employee' guide / ground rules. I've had lots of experience actually doing it and if I can't find any clear policy examples, I'm going to give it a bash writing something myself, but it would be helpful to see some examples! I have rheumatoid arthritis and although I'm well a lot of the time, sometimes I have flare ups and I'm well used to managing these, but the ability to make use of remote working is a big plus for me. I can balance resting with working (ie work even if I'm sitting in comfy chair with feet up to rest my joints).

I've had good and bad experiences doing it, the bad was mostly employers who find it easier not to keep remote workers in the loop / respond in timely manner to communications etc because they are not physically in the office! So a guide / ground rules would get us off to a good professional start!




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