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Need a job asap!! BUT new life situations hanker me!

SallyMartin Member Posts: 14 Courageous
Hello all, 

Right first things first, I was diagnosed with acute multiple sclerosis 5 years ago. 6 weeks after taking voluntary redundancy from a good globally travelling job rather than move my then family to Puerto Rico.  Then, bang, m.s. hit, 4 months in hospital,  then a wheelchair,  then a stick but no more! In fact i recently ran, walked and wheelchaired the local half marathon for charity M.s. research.  Phew! I have worked since but nothing concrete.  I am desperate to find a new role but it would have to work within my children  (2 young boys) still at school hours or be home based.  And despite my now brain condition, I can still speak 4 European languages fluently!  Yes tried home based language teacher but didn't work out! Oh, and add to that my husband left, has the boys occasionally but mostly its just me and my helpful family. And now they want me to go to Head WAY to help my mental state, but they don't realize a job would help MASSIVELY! !!

Right,  rant done !

Sally xxx



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