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Pip getting assessed a year early.

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I had been on high rate dla both components. I got assessed for pip 2yrs ago i got enhanced rate mobility but cut my too low care by me losing 2 points these 2point were not counted because woman said i could croutch to the floor i stood with a hand on bedside table and the other hand on the chair i went down a bit holding on but couldn't fold my knees or she would have had to get me back up by my elbows. How can they miss my having severe mobility problems then say i can croutch i cant stand without sometimes doing a180 degree staggering drunk dance till i find something to soften my blow or just fall and scratch and bruise my self. These people have their minds made up before they see you i'm now diagnosed with more. I now have gout and positive rheumatoid factor, along with very painful kidney stones. They are reassessing me in August not because of more illnesses just because? Does anyone else have to be reassessed  


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    If you got a three year award, they do assess early to allow it to be a continuation. 
    If you felt the decision was wrong two years ago, you should have done an MR.
    It's not about your conditions, it's about how they affect you doing those descriptors only. 

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