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Hello had a interesting phone call from the former training company. I had apparently been in a contract with.  Told me contract still with them for next year. January.  My mind thinking is that when in the DWP option will do a review again.

Thought as I had been in the ESA support group.  No one had and will contact me. Regarding my employment status.  In this group.

Felt very uncomfortable answering his questions.

All the time stressing why and how am I not working.   What are the reasons.

Explained my situation and was I thought very much sincere and arguing my case and my circumstances.

Yet thinking his questioning was making me get the guilts and the responses felt was being the emphasised on looking for work.

Should I feel guilty but is this not any of my fault. Even asked why have you not gone to the Jobcentre.  I am amazed has the capacity to ask about my disability and health plus other questions.

Felt deep probing just thought has any body else has this.

I know have tried have a two page CV no one wants to know.  Long literary of employment vacancies and opportunities missed by those who should have known better.

Did say a lot.  I am always mystified why ring up. Is this on the orders of the DWP.?

Must admit my anxiety now  concerned if this is happening to others.

Love to hear others like this.

Had the utmost pressure of PIP and the loss of the car.  Now ESA..

Can DWP force needless say terminate my ESA and ask me to look through employment again.

Asking this training company to make initial enquiries.

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