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Hi, my name is Kittianna!

Kittianna Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi everyone. I've been diagnosed as having Ankylosing spondylitis with a positive HLA B27 gene. 
I'm 55 and have always suffered with neck back pain on and off from my twenties. 
I went through a number of years of stress and in October 2015 I was struck down with horrendous pain in my groins, my knees, me intercostal muscles and my lower back and neck. 
After a time of being pushed from pillar to post I got my diagnosis. 
I lost my contracted job as a nurse but continue to work as a nurse through our nurse bank system. Basically, zero hours contract , pick and choose shifts , shifts can be cancelled - no sick pay !! I've kept my pension though but as I'm on the final salary one this will be significantly less now as I simply can't put in the necessary hours. 
I qualified for PIP and got it but I queried something , I noticed I had no points for mobility , they then took the lot off me. I'm currently awaiting a tribunal. 
So that's me and I thought it would be good to hear from others who have the same disorder. 
You feel less alone when there are others in the same boat as it were. 
I'm new to forums so not sure how it works. 
So .... Let me give it a whirl ... And get through the novice part without too many hiccups! 
Looking forward to hearing from you all. X ( do I put kisses ?? ) or is that not PC ? Lol. 



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