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A poem called hidden talents

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A poem called hidden talents
Today the weather is miserable outside with the rain falling.
I looked at my social media posts to show pictures of sunshine
Which release happy endorphins, which make think more positive giving new things a try.
We know we may cry but dry their tears and put their fears to one side.
Keep trying and driving forward whatever our dreams and passions are.
We even try metaphorically to reach for the stars
build our path to our success and address the negativity we still face on a daily basis we try that people with disabilities face on daily basis. 
We pace ourselves for a long journey.
There is a look of steal in our eyes which leaves our eyes,
We will be on the rise up and no one nothing get in our way
We all have our way to make our own success, will take our best and maybe slow progress
But rest sure one day we will achieve our dreams and goals will be our stand tall and look so proud as a glorious achievement we already achieved and may dreams that we seen in our dreams that we still want to achieve and greatness can be ours and slowly teach people and shine a positive light which burns and we will never lose sight on the hope of bringing change which is a long process we can happen if we come together I am sure one day will be our win which been wanting for so long but we strong-willed and filled with a fantastic strength to go to any length and our unbreakable strength and sweet smiles we all have when the day we have been waiting for finally arrives and changes our lives for the better and forever that what I have so hope much and endeavour and will never give up to help to bring change. 



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