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Hi, my name is Lulu_1949!

Lulu_1949 Member Posts: 228 Pioneering
hi hi everyone , had trouble logging in so had to take a slightly different a Name , so I am Lulu1949 really l
hi to Kathol, Lou67, Mikehughescq, and Janet 1967.
thank you so much for being so supportive about my son’s telephone appeal this morning.
the phone rang at 9.45 and it was the clerk to the court.
He was really nice and explained what was going to happen and who was to be on the panel
i was so worried and had loads of paperwork , I did what You told me Mikehughescq and buttoned my lip and my son took the questions, I had a say at the end. The judge was lovely and sounded kind.
to be honest you could tell that they had read EVERYTHING, which was comforting. I had my say at the end.
It lasted 1 hour and we get the result in two days time. 
Just relaxing a bit now. Was up till 12.30pm last night finishing all the notes.
hope everyone is ok on this very hot day , Ursula x



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