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Covid 19. What do you think should be done? Should we go into another lockdown?

bozone1972 Member Posts: 12 Listener
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with this covid  going up again what  do you think should be done about it does  anyone  think we should  go back in a lockdown  again?


  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 6,575

    Scope community team

    Interesting question @bozone1972 :) What's your view on it?
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  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 12,730 Disability Gamechanger
    Personally I think we have to take precautions like mask wearing social distance 

    However it's not going to go away we have to learn to cope with it being here long term without having to keep going into full lockdown 

    Just my opinion 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
  • Teddybear12
    Teddybear12 Member Posts: 1,251 Pioneering
    edited November 5
    For myself I would not be interested in another lock down. I have done everything by the book and quite frankly I need my life back. I have had both vaccines and my flu jab and am due to have my booster today. I wear a mask in shops and at the hairdressers.  I have been out for a few meals but at times where I know will not be crowded. I go to a bowling club but take my own mug for a cup of tea. I am a firm believer that people are responsible for themselves.
  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Member Posts: 1,964 Pioneering
    I don’t necessarily want one, but if they chose to impose one, I would follow what was asked of me. 

    I’m careful anyway, I still wear my mask, sociably distance, don’t meet indoors, I go out less and when I really need to. 

    I don’t go to pubs, restaurants, events with large gatherings, etc, that’s my choice though. 

    I am double vaccinated, I also have had my flu jab and will of course get my booster jab. 

    I also test twice weekly for covid. 

    I think I do as much as I can. 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 24,650 Disability Gamechanger
    Another lockdown? No thank you! I'm fully vaccinated and i'm due my booster in a couple of weeks, i also had my flu vaccine a few weeks ago.
    I do go to my local shops but i'm careful when i do. I don't wear a face covering because i'm exempt anyway but i sanitise my hands reqularly. The only people i see is my daughter and grandson, i don't visit anyone.
    I lost 3 months of my grandson's life because he was born just before the first lockdown so i only seen him twice. No one will ever stop me from seeing him ever again.
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,595 Disability Gamechanger
    I doubt that the country could afford another lockdown, I think they might have to force us to use mask, social distance and where possible work from home again.

    SM has her booster next Fri. mine should be 2 weeks later and we have both had flu jabs we avoid large gatherings, limit the number of people we meet indoors and try to social distance when shopping.
    Having said all that I do agree that the number of new cases is still around 300,000 a week and deaths seem to be on the increase. And the govt. seem to be preparing for a bad covid winter.

    We shall see.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Member Posts: 4,693 Disability Gamechanger
    The reason the cases are rising its been said is because people think the vacination and booster stop them getting the virus and don't follow whats been advised alot of people that are in hospital are mostly people who have been double vaccinated here in wales on Wales online someone was in hospital with corona virus that had already had their booster  

    I think there will be stronger restrictions but as the Welsh government has said here if thete is no improvement and hospital cases rise he is prepared to lock wales down hospitals here are saying that they are starting to be over whelmed with the delta variant 2 which is a mutation from the delta variant  

    This is only what I have read and seen on the news only we can keep  ourselves safe 
  • rubin16
    rubin16 Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
    I think the way in which the government has handled covid is bad, they should of never relaxed mask wearing in shops and things till atleast the cases were very low. I don't go out much but if I do I wear a facemask but so many people don't have a mask anymore and stand close to each other. I think they should make masks mandatory again (unless exempt).

    I am also double vaccinated and waiting for my booster jab in the next few weeks, but if we do go into another lockdown, people only have themselves to blame and just shows how useless the governement is at the moment.

  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Member Posts: 1,696 Disability Gamechanger
    I don't think there'll be another lockdown, but I do think mandatory face coverings for shops etc will come back.

    I physically haven't been able to get to a shop for about 2 months now and don't see that changing any time soon.  But even if I could get there, I can't have the jab and have a weak immune system and honestly don't see any end to this.  Covid will be with us for a long time to come and 'normal' people will just have to get on with it, hoping they have reduced symptoms due to the jabs. 

    I'm happy to take responsibility for myself, keeping apart and practicing good hand hygiene (finally my OCD comes in handy!) but that can be so easily undone by just one other person getting too close and speaking/coughing etc.  Imagine one person driving the wrong way up the motorway...all of the other people that were just minding their own business and doing the right thing are now caught up in the carnage through no fault of their own.
  • TheAlien
    TheAlien Member Posts: 78 Courageous
    To be brutally honest, my life didn't change much from what it was before the first lockdown and hasn't changed much since it was relaxed.  The only change is I double mask when I go out which is two days a month for medical appointments.

    I'm double vaccinated and not due my booster or flu jab until early December.

    People need to be sensible and realise we have to live with this thing now, but hopefully treatments will improve in time.
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,595 Disability Gamechanger
    I think it's very easy to criticise the government, and I would agree they have made mistakes, but they have also saved probably 1 million jobs, they have injected massive amounts into the economy to keep that afloat, so not all bad, and of course they have been forced to abandon austerity which is a massive plus.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not a Tory but I do believe in giving credit where it's due.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 7,775 Disability Gamechanger
    Thoughts on lockdown are neither here nor there really. Cummings actions spelt the beginning of the end there and any further lockdowns would likely be unenforceable until the next pandemic. Masks and social distancing supposedly still existed in parts of the UK but in reality have been more breached than observed. Most likely outcome for me is that we’ll be asked to work from home again (not that I’ve stopped as yet) and there will perhaps once again be a mandate re: masks/social distancing in public places and on public transport. The government have lost all credibility on these points so it’s now about learning to live with the possibility of hospitalisation or death and making your own judgements on what is or isn’t acceptable. As the WHO recently observed with regards to the UK though, there is a world of difference between living with something and letting it run rampant. 

    As someone who has spent 20 months working with the incompetent mess of furlough; SSP changes; UC uplifts and removals; the farce of the SEIS schemes and, more recently, test and trace support payments I am required to understand the impacts and where we’re at as well as where we’re heading to.

    At present it simply cannot be said what the final impacts have been or what the various schemes have achieved jobs wise. None of the data is pointing towards unmitigated success though. 

    To take your points in turn @woodbine

    - would you kindly provide a link to the assertion that 1 million jobs have been saved? That’s a very specific figure; I can’t find a reference for it and it doesn’t square with what we’re seeing on the ground.
    - it’s estimated by the Public Accounts Committee that around 10% of the money injected into the economy was obtained fraudulently. That’s before we look at the cronyism involved in the award of contracts. 
    - most money was given to local government with a clear promise central government would cover it all. That has turned out to be a massive lie and the price for that is going to be very high indeed over the next five years and likely longer. 
    - the evidence from all the pandemics we know about is that those who do worst in the post pandemic era are those who try to balance the health of the nation with the needs of the economy. The economies which thrive best are those which lock down quickly; hard and long with closed borders etc. This was the case with Spanish Flu and remains the case now. All the data points to ours being one of the slowest recovering and worst performing economies in the world right now. 
    - as someone who has seen every aspect of fake austerity over the last decade or so I’d again be interested in seeing some links for the assertion that austerity is over and that this was something forced by the pandemic. I do not believe either statement to be true and think it’s easy enough to demonstrate to the contrary. However, if you can evidence it then I’ll comment further. 

    I’m not about to disclose my political beliefs but I also believe in giving credit it where it’s due regardless of political colours. A balanced perspective is always helpful. In this instance I think credit is at risk of being given for things which aren’t actually happening. 
  • nannymaroon
    nannymaroon Member Posts: 366 Courageous
    I think we should all be vaccinated where possible and maintain hand washing and social distancing to avoid another lockdown. Sadly most people are behaving like covid  is over and another lockdown might be the only way to halt the spread.
    Unfortunately the government and PM think they know better than the doctors and scientists. They will continue to do nothing to curb the increase in infections and the deaths /long term health problems covid causes.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 7,775 Disability Gamechanger
    The hand washing is a weird one. The evidence is now in and is conclusive and yet still the myth persists. C19 can last on different surfaces anywhere from a few hours to a week or more but ineffectively so. Present does not mean infectious. There are zero confirmed cases of people infected, hospitalised or dying from it when caught off a surface and the quantity required for meaningful viral load appears to be a tea spoon. Not really likely. 

    Obviously generally worth keeping your hands clean generally and paying attention to things like public toilet or train door handles etc. but otherwise this is an airborne virus and the precautions needed should focus on that. 
  • nannymaroon
    nannymaroon Member Posts: 366 Courageous
    I really do think another lockdown is needed to remind us all to be considerate and careful.


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